Why use Strawberry Invest?

At Strawberry Invest our aim is simple; to provide you with the tools to take control of your investment portfolio through our investment platform at an incredibly low cost. Whether investing for retirement, a rainy day, school fees or maybe a plan B or future goal, Strawberry Invest is here to help.


With Strawberry Invest there are no set-up fees or charges on trading funds. Strawberry allows you to hold all your investments on one platform and have access to them online 24/7. Aside from 24/7 access and trading capabilities, Strawberry Invest offers hundreds of different investment funds and stocks for you to use in your investment strategy.Please check out our Research Centre to find what is available and if we don’t have fund or stock that you want to invest in, please contact us and we can look to make it available.

Multiple Invest

Strawberry was designed to make investing cheap, easy and accessible to everyone. We want to enable you to be in control of your investments. On our site you will find the knowledge hub and research centre, there to provide you with useful articles (such as our Top 10 Tips for first time investors) and research to help you on your investment journey. Along with this, we have our list of Top Investment funds which have been reviewed and rated by our own investment team. In addition to articles and research we’ve done for your benefit, we’ve teamed up with leading investment publications such as DIY Investor Magazine to give you access to further industry information from experts.

 If you have any questions or queries please get in contact with us.