Better savings for all.

It’s easy for you to get started and begin saving for your retirement. You are not the only one paying in – your employer contributes to your retirement pot and you get tax relief. You can build your retirement pot to give you your own income when you retire.

You can take your money any time between the age of 55 and 75. You will still get your money if you move jobs and you can tell Trust|Pensions who you would like to get your retirement income if you die before taking your money, so it won’t be lost.

Pensions are long-term investments – they usually produce better returns than savings accounts. Having a pension doesn’t rule out other ways of saving such as an ISA or savings account and they will not replace or affect entitlement to the State Pension.

The Government provides useful information about the rules around workplace pensions.

If you are a member of the scheme you can use your online account to:

• See the value of your retirement pot
• See your estimated retirement income using an advanced Illustrator tool
• Find out more about the investment options
• Manage your account

To understand the options available to you outside the scheme, speak to PensionWise or if you would like independent financial advice you can speak to our sister company, Prydis Wealth Limited.

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