Calm returns… but with interest rates set to change, for how long?

  The financial markets have been relatively calmer over the last week, although they did end broadly down. The anticipated news from last week was the US Federal Reserve interest rate ...

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September 21, 2015

Media, Markets and a Razor

  Occam’s Razor Occam ’s Razor refers to the  principle that one should not make more assumptions than are required to explain something- that is, shaving away the excessive and unessential. Alternatively, ...

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Animals in equity markets? An explanation of Bull and Bear markets

Our recent market news post included a picture of a bear and bull circling each other over a chart, and rightly you may have asked why this is relevant to ...

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September 15, 2015

Global markets over reacting or are we entering a slowdown?

The last three weeks have been volatile which is in no way reflected by the figures below. For example, on Monday 24th August we saw the FTSE 100 fall as ...

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September 14, 2015