Strawberry’s aim is simple, to provide you with the tools to take control of your investments at an incredibly low cost. 

Strawberry’s Investor Direct platform allows you to open an online investment account, deposit money, and start investing straight away. There are three account options, all with no set-up charges. The general investment account (“GIA”), individual savings account (“ISA”), and self-invested personal pension (“SIPP”) provide the basic wrappers to allow you to manage your savings and investments, so that you can enjoy a financial future that you’re in control of. Please go to the types of account page for more information about each of the accounts.

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As a private client investment manager and financial adviser, I believe that high quality professional advice is incredibly important for people with complex affairs. I also believe however that people with simpler affairs should have the tools and information to manage their own savings, construct their own investment portfolio and choosing the right investments.

I therefore looked at the market for the do-it-yourself or the first time investor, and I found the whole thing a little bewildering. I realised that if I found the offerings confusing, how would somebody that’s not in the industry understand it?

Strawberry was therefore born out of frustration at the complexity and lack of transparency of other DIY investment platforms, and aims to provide a truly simple, transparent and unbiased online solution.

James Priday, Founder of Strawberry Invest

James Priday – Founder

If you are unsure about investing yourself, need some investor tips, want to learn about investment risk and or have complex financial affairs, you may require professional guidance, and you should look to find a suitably qualified independent financial adviser.

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